A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist

By Deeanne Gist

In 1860s Seattle, a guy with a spouse may possibly safe himself 640 acres of timberland. yet due to his wife's premature demise, Joe Denton reveals himself approximately to lose half his declare. nonetheless in mourning, his most sensible answer is to shop for a kind of Mercer ladies strolling back from the East. a lady he will marry in identify yet hold round typically as a cook dinner. Anna Ivey's trip west with Asa Mercer's women is an break out from the griefs of her prior. She's no longer imagined to be a bride, although, only a prepare dinner for the women. but if they land, she's passed to Joe Denton and the 2 locate themselves in a knotty scenario. She refuses to wed him and he is approximately to lose his land. With just a couple of months left, can Joe persuade this provoking--but beguiling--easterner to be his bride?

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He hadn’t adjusted very well to the resulting transformation. All the niceties made him feel big and clumsy. He liked it better when things were simple. But nothing would be simple after tomorrow. His gaze moved to the cup of wild flowers on the table. He’d placed them all over the house. It was the only welcoming gesture he could think of. If the boys ever discovered he’d succumbed to such sentimentality, he’d never hear the end of it. But he had to do something. His bride would most likely feel frightened and out of place.

Now. I’m going to take my hand from your mouth. ” Her eyes widened. “Don’t think I won’t. ” He searched her face in the dim light. ” She nodded. He slowly peeled his hand away. “There. That’s a good girl. ” Brushing some loose hair from her face, he smiled with tenderness. “Don’t worry, Anna. We’ll marry. ” He paused. ” Gathering her wits, she prayed for courage. ” He cocked an eyebrow. “There is no question that you can hit me and force me to your will. You are bigger and stronger. ” He frowned.

He’d have to teach her how to cook. She was way too young and innocent to be able to handle herself around his crew. But he wasn’t about to complain. By this time tomorrow, he’d be a married man and have his land sealed up tight. Thank you, Lord. Mrs. Wrenne’s farmer rebuffed her. A Mr. D. Boynton, the name Mercer had written on her piece of paper, had shown up, then begged off. Mrs. Wrenne was crushed. Anna was furious. She watched helplessly while Mrs. Wrenne withdrew to her hotel room and refused to come out until she could acquire some teeth.

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