A Veiled Reflection by Tracie Peterson

By Tracie Peterson

Jillian struggles to fill the shoes--and identity-- of her exact dual sister amid the stern principles and workouts of the Arizona Harvey condominium. whilst the neighborhood health professional inadvertently discovers her ruse, he creates a plan of his personal. Westward Chronicles publication three.

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Arizona did sound like an adventure, and who knew what might await her there. She smiled at the thought of actually taking a chance at something. “Mother and Father will positively rupture an organ,” she said conspiratorially. Judith grinned. “Oh, thank you! I just know you’ll love it in Arizona. ” “I hardly imagine I’ll have time for sight-seeing. ” Jillian nodded. “No fraternizing with other Harvey employees. If I wish to date, I must have my housemother’s permission. Change my clothes if they get dirty.

Burned arm? Judith had said nothing about this. “There,” Kate said satisfactorily. “Ya’ll be as good as new in the morning. ” Jillian tried to remember what Judith had said about the dining room and what took place after the train had pulled out. She remembered there were stations to be cleaned and such, but she now feared she had grossly misunderstood the things required of her. The dining room held only a handful of new customers. Most were railroad workers, sweaty and greasy from their hard labor.

He questioned. She shook her head. ” Jillian sighed, preparing to reveal the whole scenario. There was no sense in lying. She’d been discovered and would soon be sent back to Kansas City. Unless, she thought hopefully, she could convince Mac to keep her secret. ” Jillian nodded. ” “Yes, I think it probably would be,” Mac said, crossing his arms. “Well, you see, Judith was in love with a young man we’ve known most of our lives. She planned an elopement with him but knew if she didn’t come back to work for Mr.

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