Accidentally the Sheikh's Wife by Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

By Barbara McMahon, Reiko Morisaki

For Bethanne Saunders, flying Sheikh Rashid al Harum's deepest airplane has its perks. whilst her toes contact the floor it truly is at the plush carpet of his luxurious palace. And simply being close to attractive Rashid makes her consider on cloud nine!Bethanne has the entire luxurious she will be able to handle--until without notice she's promoted to princess! however the outstanding rock on her finger is a stark reminder that it is a handy engagement. we all know sheikhs do not fall for traditional women from Texas....

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Not right away. It had to be jet lag or something. Still, he fascinated her. And she was pragmatic enough to realize she could get a lot of help in searching for her father. The way he put things, it wasn’t quite as if they were supposed to be lovers. They were to be still in the getting-to-know-you stage. The thought of getting to know him better tantalized. And people who were almost engaged did kiss. Why did that compel her? she wondered as she looked at his lips, imagining them pressed against her own.

She stared at him, suddenly worried things had gone terribly wrong. He seemed to tower above her, anger evident. “I’ll check on things on the ground,” Jess said with obvious relief. He eased by the two of them and hurried down the stairs. Once he was out of earshot, the sheikh turned to the older woman and spoke briefly. She dropped her gaze and nodded. Gathering her few things, she walked to the back and sat on the edge of the sofa, gazing out one of the small windows. ” “What? How is that possible?

The chaperone accompanying the young woman had not spoken English, but Haile had. She’d taken in everything with a solemn demeanor. Wasn’t she the slightest bit excited? Apparently when the sheikh had mentioned something to the president of Starcraft, her boss had immediately offered to fly Haile from her home in Morocco to Quishari as a favor to the prospective buyer of their top-of-the-line private jet. Bethanne glanced at her copilot, Jess Bradshaw. It was his first long-distance delivery as well and they had taken turns flying the aircraft to minimize delivery time.

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