All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality by Martin W. Ball

By Martin W. Ball

During this brief, yet provocative, e-book, entheogenic researcher, Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., keeps his ongoing elucidation of the Entheological Paradigm, nonduality, and the position of entheogens in own awakening and transformation. half I covers nonduality, the character of the ego, and the full of life event of entheogens, taking a detailed examine what nonduality either is and is not. half II contains decisions from Martin's new novel, past Azara, that depict the 5-MeO-DMT adventure with "Slipping into Infinity" and a glance at how fact works as a unified full of life process with "The tale of the One." half III positive factors "God's instruction manual for working Human Vehicles," a significant but tongue-in-cheek advisor for residing authentically as an instantaneous embodiment of the only common realization. The undertaking wraps up with a few verse urging "Sleepwalkers, Awaken!" For someone drawn to nonduality, the unitary nature of fact, and the robust function of entheogens in human expertise, this can be a needs to learn.

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This is a clear indication that they are still operating within their egos as they are still attached to various systems of identification, belief, and thought. A truly liberated individual is liberated from all such illusory constructs of the ego and has no need for religion, spirituality, or any other form of ego-generated sense of self. Transcending the Ego We are now ready to look at the question of how entheogens relate to the possibility of ego transcendence and ultimately, liberation from the ego.

Part I is a new overview of the topic of nonduality, the nature of the ego, and the energetic actions of entheogens, specifically 5-MeO-DMT, which I regard as the apex of entheogenic tools. Part II features two selections from my forthcoming novel, Beyond Azara, where I’ve taken the ideas described in Part I and illustrated them through fictional narrative. Part III is the product of a whim I had one day a few months back to write an operator’s manual for the human vehicle from God’s perspective.

It is individual bodies that make the appearance and experience of individual perspectives possible. It is individual perspective, and more importantly, awareness of that perspective (it is humans’ self-awareness that largely differentiates us from other animals), that gives rise to the ego in the first place. The ego is a product of human consciousness, and human consciousness is a product of the human body and physiology. This is not to say that consciousness itself is produced by the body (or the brain), but it is to recognize that the physiological form shapes consciousness into different modes of operation and expression.

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