Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce

By Bethany Pierce

Amy Gallagher is an aspiring author who, after numerous rejections, has settled for a profession as an English professor in small-town Ohio simply to pay the debts. All her goals all at once begin to get to the bottom of as rejections pile up--both from publishers and her boyfriend. yet simply as Amy fears her lifestyles is caught in a retaining trend, she meets the mysterious, appealing, and unavailable Eli.She struggles to stroll the positive line among friendship and whatever extra with Eli, whilst staying real to her religion turns into unexpectedly complex. while secrets and techniques, tragedy, and bad judgements reason rifts in Amy's relationships, she needs to come to phrases with who she's develop into, her unrealized aspirations for her lifestyles, and the kingdom of her religion. Can she dare to pray that she is going to locate love and success regardless of all of it?

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His graying teeth bore proof of this abuse. “All I’ve had to eat since yesterday is a severely deficient powdered donut,” Everett said. ” “Everett,” I said. ” He leaned over the table to pick at the platter of chocolatedipped strawberries. ” “Should we keep producing work if no one ever reads what we write? ” He frowned, licking melted chocolate from his finger. ” He patted me on the back and drained his cup. “Take my life as an example,” he said. “Let’s say, hypothetically, I write a groundbreaking essay on a previously overlooked line of stage direction given in Shakespeare’s Othello.

They were listening intently, but were skeptical. “How about this,” I said, regrouping. ” I studied each face in turn. One offered a sympathetic smile, another frowned to prove he was thinking. Few met my gaze. Lonnie Weis stared, but Lonnie always stared. Mostly at my breasts. ” This from Jason Burkie, who only talked if he could be antagonistic. ” I asked. He shrugged his thin shoulders. ” His shrug tipped the debate. One after another, the students agreed with him. “I think the whole point of writing is to be heard,” said Lillian the cheerleader.

You’re kidding,” I said. “He takes spiritual concepts hackneyed out of all originality and makes them new again. ” “Overrated,” she repeated. “You ask any Christian writer who their favorite author is, and I’ll bet they’ll say C. S. Lewis. ” “He’s popular because he’s good,” I countered. “He’s got bandwagon appeal. ” When she crossed her arms, her plastic glitter bracelets jingled. She made a point, she explained, of remaining indifferent to anything praised by the popular vote. This philosophy applied to movies.

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