Anti-Capitalism by Ezequiel Adamovsky

By Ezequiel Adamovsky

In Anti-Capitalism, activist and student Ezequiel Adamovsky tells the tale of the long-standing attempt to construct a greater international, one with no an abusive method at its middle. subsidized up through arresting, lucid pictures from the novel artist crew United Illustrators, Adamovsky information the fight opposed to emerging company energy, as that fight unfolds within the halls of academia, within the pages of radical newspapers, and within the jungles and the streets. From Marx throughout the conflict of Seattle and past, Adamovsky lines the ideals and politics of the most important figures within the anticapitalist culture and explores sleek experiments in construction alternative ways of residing, within the procedure delivering an indispensible primer for someone drawn to discovering choices to the so-called "best procedure we have"—and somebody attracted to becoming a member of the struggle.

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The State derives from the society it belongs to, and from the way class struggle has shaped it. A machine that divides and imposes hierarchies The capitalist State is also a machine that divides people and imposes hierarchies. Firstly, it separates human beings into a multitude of different political sovereignties, or rather into nations ruled by separate States and divided by borders. As citizens we only have political rights within our own nation-states, and we lose those rights if we cross a border.

For example, productivity, the cult of economic success, competition and consumerism. Many of the characteristics of our culture arise from our fear of not having sufficient resources to be “successful,” along with the possibility of our using other people as tools for our own benefit. For example, our drive toward competitiveness and consumption results in disregard for the poor, racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination. In our culture, it is difficult for individuals to value traits such as love, friendship, camaraderie, creativity, etc.

This is why in order for capitalism to be established, an extensive process had to be carried out: the expropriation of the means of production, the wealth of entire nations, and the people’s ability to live according to their own decisions and customs. This process of expropriation is called original accumulation. In historic terms, it meant, among other things, the expulsion of thousands of peasants from their land in Europe and other places, which forced them to become salaried workers. During the following centuries, original accumulation also took the form of colonialism, which implied the looting of world resources, the imposition of bloody colonial governments, and the annihilation of entire ethnic groups which resisted enslavement, etc.

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