Asterix and the Great Divide by Albert Uderzo

By Albert Uderzo

The trail of real love by no means did run smoothly—especially whilst the sweethearts’ fathers have break up their city in part. That’s the matter for Histrionix and the gorgeous Melodrama, son and daughter of 2 rival chieftains. So the star-crossed fanatics name in Asterix, Obelix, and Getafix to variety every thing out. Can the trusty trio convince the village to reunite? probably a few magic may also help.

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We need to go see Marieke right away. She’s the only one who can help us! In fact, Hannibal’s just punishing himself because his dedication to Traffic Control caused him to neglect Marieke. 34 I’m driving her away, just like her mother! Hsss . You protected your daughter... Hsss ... This is all your fault! You put these gloomy thoughts in my head! I hate you! Hsss . . I’m not your enemy. . Think--what’s the real source of all your worries? Your wife never sees you because you work too much. .

Don’t worry, I’m OK! But, Fox, he might be hurt! Still, something might be broken . . I’ll go find a doctor! Hey--that’s Manuel’s train! It can’t be. It can’t be... Manuel . . Manuel! Nooooo! 30 Fox--you rascal! Were you fond of him? Manuel? Ha ha ha! Did you miss me? Yes . . he was the only man I ever loved . . Wait! That voice! Not at all! What gave you that idea? It’s just that we needed some help up there! You picked a lousy time to go camping! That’s not it! I bet he was afraid to marry me and ran away.

In that case, we must return to your father and make him see reason. When he learns that I want to be the Railway Director, he won’t have any objections to our marriage! But how do we get out of here? 31 Don’t worry! I have my own transportation when I need it! It would be a catastrophe. Our entire way of life depends on trains! We take the train everywhere--to school, to work, even to run errands and visit family and friends. Don’t worry--we’ll take care of the Snake! Manuel, what will happen if the problems with Traffic Control cause the trains to stop?

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