Asterix in Corsica by Rene Goscinny

By Rene Goscinny

Asterix and Obelix meet a brand new good friend: a Corsican chieftain who have been Caesar's prisoner. jointly, the trio returns to Corsica to assist foil the evil plans of the corrupt Roman, Praetor Perfidius.

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Ivanhoe likewise has his day of glory at Ashby, only to recede thereafter into pale ineffectuality. His behavior during the battle for Torquilstone舒where, from his sickbed, he encourages Rebecca舗s lurid commentary on the fighting舒is particularly pathetic, like a rabid sports fan shouting at the television. Then, when his spirit finally revives for the showdown with Bois-Guilbert at Templestowe, Scott denies his hero the crowning chivalric deed he so desperately desires. Ivanhoe does not so much as scratch his Templar foe: Bois-Guilbert merely self-destructs.

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