Awakening to the Dream by Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

By Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

Awakening to the dream is a really transparent, approachable evaluation of the usually complicated and rarefied philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, sometimes called non-dualism.

Essentially, this can be a ebook approximately you. It issues to and from the resource of your real id. The transparent when you consider that it refers to is neither complicated nor easy. it isn't whatever unique for highbrow or religious elite, neither is it distant or hiding sooner or later. it's all inclusive, natural presence, nearer than your breath. it's the middle of hearts, your birthright and innermost self. this is often your invitation to recollect what used to be by no means particularly forgotten.

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In the same way, we cannot find the thinker of thoughts inside the body-mind. The animating energy – the One manifesting as the illusion of the many – is the source of everything, including all thoughts. ’ This certainty is with you without your having to think about it. It stands on its own and is not limited to the ‘I am’ that’s part of the various relative labels, such as I am a carpenter, a brother, a father, a mother, a friend, a daughter etc. The sense of identification with such temporary and relative labels is reflective of the Self ’s creation of the illusory ego.

Humanity, with its analytical approach to life, has increasingly put its faith in the left-hemisphere. ’ ‘Man’ is the right word here, since masculinity is more representative of the left hemisphere’s methodology. This dominance is reflected in society at large where, in many situations, women are still not seen as equal to men and where many corporate and political undertakings are devoid of the balancing influence of the heart. We only have to open our eyes to see what a folly this one-sided approach to life actually is.

Pmd 58 15-5-2003, 20:05 Even when this reasoning is convincing on an intellectual level, the seeker may still be stuck with the undeniable sense that the ego does exist. This sense of ego-reality comes from the Self ’s mastery in weaving the illusion. It plays the characters so convincingly that they even include a sense of autonomy. Imagine you’re reading a novel. On page twenty-five, the hero contemplates what to do. He seems to weigh his options and choose a course of action; but whatever he decides, the author has already written it out on page thirty.

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