Bacterial Virulence Factors and Rho GTPases (Current Topics by Patrice Boquet, E. Lemichez

By Patrice Boquet, E. Lemichez

Pathogenic micro organism for human and animals have constructed subtle guns, termed virulence components, to make sure their replication and endurance into their hosts. The authors during this quantity convey a synthesis on how some of the host mobile Rho GTPases actions are manipulated by means of micro organism to fulfil their virulence.

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The phagocytic process comprises several sequential and complex events initiated by the recognition of ligands on the surface of the particles by specific receptors on the surface of the phagocytic cells. Receptor clustering at the attachment site generates a phagocytic signal that in turn leads to local polymerization of actin filaments and to particle internalization. Depending on the particles and receptors involved, it appears that the structures and mechanisms associated with particle ingestion are diverse.

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