Batman : Knightfall by Dennis O'Neil

By Dennis O'Neil


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And you're wrong. If it hadn't been for Janine Maxweather, the other girl—Marcy—would be dead. I stood there for a full two minutes doing nothing but listening to Zsasz rant. I couldn't think of anything to do. " "Oh, surely—" "He was taunting me. Claiming we were alike. I denied it, but . . he was right, Alfred. I broke his arm. That ended the fight. But then I hit him. " "Once, I would have agreed with you. A month ago, I would have agreed. But now—" "Now you are exhausted. You are stressed beyond what the human nervous system can bear.

Batman asked. "Someone loosed the hordes of Arkham. All your most dangerous prey. Which means someone has it in for you—" —the girl is next to Zsasz's leg. He's so intent on me he doesn't see her— "—someone who may be stalking you right now, waiting for the right moment of fear and weakness ... " Batman raised his hands to his face. Anything to keep his attention on me for another second— Janine Maxweather bit Zsasz on the ankle. He howled and slashed at her with the knife, and as she was rolling out of the way Batman leapt.

Benson dead on the floor, Batman thought. I've been too slow. And I'm not nearly fast enough to reach him before he slits that girl's throat. "We're not the same," he said. "Ah, there is one difference," Zsasz said. "I stalk the fresh ones, the clean ones, while you stalk the ones fouled with blood . . me and mine. So I know the thrill from both sides . . unlike you! " The girl on the floor by the table—she's begun to crawl toward Zsasz. What does she have in mind? " Batman asked. "Someone loosed the hordes of Arkham.

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