Beguiled by Deeanne Gist

By Deeanne Gist

While novelists Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand first met in a Houston critique crew, they by no means anticipated the place friendship might take them. She wrote romance; he wrote crime novels. yet starting to be appreciate for every other's paintings culminated within the choice to aim mixing their abilities into this splendidly attractive tale merging romance and secret. Rylee Monroe walks canine in old-money Charleston, part of the town lately specific through a bold thief. Logan Woods works the crime beat for the neighborhood paper yet desires of a existence as a nonfiction author. whilst the string of robberies takes an odd twist, Logan sees the making of a once-in-a-lifetime publication that turns out to circle round this fascinating, crowd pleasing dogwalker. yet pursuing the reality capacity ignoring that he looks falling for her. and what's she hiding in her prior which may crack the tale extensive open?

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What do you mean, ninety-five? ” “The good news is, Dora loves it. ” “So what’s the snag? ” “There’s no snag,” Seth said. “But there is a wrinkle. ” “Of course it isn’t. They haven’t caught the guy. ” “Which is great for the book. But not so great for the deal. They’re going to need a finished manuscript before they’ll make an offer. ” By now, Logan was used to almost-but-not-quite successes. Most of the illusions he’d entertained about publishing were long since gone. But he still held onto a dream he could never admit to Seth.

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Behind her, Toro placed his paws on the base of the statue and gave out a deep, booming bark. The man shimmied farther up the statue’s leg. ” She continued to scan the area, resenting the man’s tone. “He’s not an albino. ” She whirled around. ” His laugh caught her off guard. “He’s long gone. Now will you please get control of your dog? ” His exasperation seemed real enough, but she wasn’t about to put her back to the park. Gliding to the front of the statue, she positioned herself where she could see both the shadowed grounds and the guy in the baseball getup.

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